Bullet Proof

Mythbusters meets Top Gear

About this project

The core inspiration for the show comes from the fact that the most popular Mythbusters episodes involved the topic of firearms; proving that the general viewing public has a genuine interest in weapons and the dynamics involved.

We will not be simply proving or busting a topic, but instead asking questions in such a way that the conversation is in more of a Top Gear format where the different perspectives compete to see which is best for the set application.

Mike Lamb, A real world operator / trainer with a solid base of technical firearms knowledge. He would give the viewer a better understanding of how the information collected relates to military applications and real world situations, while adding a colorful spin to the topic.

Dean Sylvester, Firearm designer with a solid understanding of firearm dynamics and core design principles with commercial real world experience. He presents the products that the current commercial enthusiast are using.

Troy Alan Guillotte is an experienced TV director and producer with experience in on-camera interviews and choreographing action.