Burlesque Bootcamp

 All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players

About this project

Are you a bit shy? Want to seduce someone? Do you want to gain confidence? Are you afraid of the stage?  Burlesque Bootcamp is here to empower women and help them become comfortable and confidant in their own skin.

This is a live performance of all our participants shot in one evening.  Though we edit each performance so there is one episode per student, we’d have a BIG show in New Orleans for all the students to make their debut. It will be an evening of nerves, debuts and coming out. We will partner with local clubs, alcohol distributors and hotels.

Mark O’Neill is an experienced TV writer and Army Officer with many friends and connections in the Burlesque sub-cultures.

Troy Alan Guillotte is an experienced TV director and producer with experience in on-camera interviews and choreographing action.