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About Troy

Troy serves as the founder and creator of TAG Entertainment, a production company dedicated to excellence in storytelling, TAG specializes in outdoor television with national television shows such as Trigger Time TV, The Fisherman’s Guide, Student of the Gun, Castin’ Cajun, Pushing Limits, and many others.

TAG Entertainment

Over the last several years TAG has produced television shows for television networks such as The Pursuit Channel, The Sportsman’s Channel, Direct TV, Dish Network CST, Wild TV just to name a few. In addition to network television TAG is on the for front of video on demand so that you can enjoy their content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on platforms such as Carbon Media TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, TV LG, Sony, and Philips Smart TVs, Sony Entertainment Network, Apple TV, VI Dillion Live Streaming , SWIG , Android/Apple Apps, Flipps TV, Xbox 360, and many other platforms.

I have not done it alone; I have formed a team of like minded professionals with a passion for professional video and audio production, as well as the experience of bringing an idea to the movies or television and having it seen across the country.